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I finally found sustainable and ethical activewear that I actually like: GNGR Bees Ocean set review

This post contains gifted items and an affiliate code. The post was not sponsored and the brand I’m reviewing has not interfered with the content of this post.

GNGR Bees ethical and sustainable activewear review
I found sustainable and ethical activewear!

Here’s a funny little thing.

If someone told me 10 years ago that I’ll work out regularly and that I wouldn’t go a single day without being somehow physically active- I’d think that person is ridiculous.

But here I am. Working out and physical activity became a big part of my life and even more so since I started my own business. It also means that activewear is something I use on almost a daily basis. Over the years, I tried different brands and options, and for a while, I had my favourite brand too. But I stopped shopping from that brand (which I prefer not to name) because they weren’t transparent about how they make their clothes.

Since then, I was looking for a brand to replace them.

And you know what? I think I found a perfect one!

I’m excited to introduce you to GNGR Bees: the most honest activewear.

What’s the buzz?

I first met Nathalia, the founder of GNGR Bees, by chance, over on Instagram. Nathalia’s passion for sustainability, supply chain transparency, and learning were contagious. When I met her, she was looking for someone to contribute to GNGR Bees blog. So, I started occasionally writing for them. Let me tell you, it was that exact perfect client I always look for: they deeply care about what they do, want to spread the knowledge, and they completely trust and respect my work. Plus, they never had any problems answering my questions about how and where they make their clothes.

But little did I know that what started as a gig will end up with me completely falling in love with their brand and mission!

When Nathalia reached out to me and asked if I’d like to join their ambassadorship program, it felt just right.

GNGR Bees ethical and sustainable activewear review
I joined GNGR Bees as their ambassador!

Here’s why I decided to work with GNGR Bees!

What’s so special about GNGR Bees?

Simply put, GNGR Bees is one of the most transparent and ethical brands I ever had a chance to meet.

Using only reclaimed, repurposed, and recycled materials, GNGR Bees creates activewear that acts as tools for a change. Since 2017, they are on a journey to make activewear sustainable and meaningful. Their fabrics come from things like recycled PET bottles and discarded fishing nets, and everything down to their packaging is either reusable or recyclable. Behind each item GNGR Bees designs, there is a wider project or a charity partnership. Meaning, that part of what you pay for their clothes goes directly to one of the projects. They are based in the UK but ship worldwide.

Yet, the biggest reason why I love GNGR Bees is their transparency.

GNGR Bees is able to trace down their whole supply chain. For each clothing item, they will tell you the names of people involved in the production, right on the label. Besides paying their partners fairly, they started what they call The Hive project, where they give parts of their profits back to the workers. As Nathalia once said to me: “People who make GNGR Bees clothes aren’t just the makers. They are our partners and we want you to know who they are.”

Plus, GNGR Bees is championing body positivity. They work with the members of their community as their models, showing their clothes on actual and diverse bodies. At the moment, they are working on expanding their size range (currently going up to XL). I’m certainly looking forward to seeing them progress on that!

So, their clothes are ethically and sustainably made, using recycled and discarded materials…But are they good? Worth the investment?

Well, I got a chance to test it out myself!

Ocean set review

GNGR Bees sent me their Ocean Set to try out!

I was excited as soon as I saw the package! They ship their clothes in upcycled cement bags, which you can later use as shopping bags. And they look so cool:

GNGR Bees upcycled packaging
GNGR Bees ships clothes in upcycled cement bags!

So, basically, with every purchase, you get a free bag too :)

Apart from the cool new shopping bag, my package came with:

- Ocean Sports Bra

- Ocean Leggings

- Matching scrunchie (made from fabric scraps)

- Nexit Bag (made from fishing nets, in partnership with ocean cleaning project)

- Plastikini bag (a microfiber-catching bag)

I took the time to properly test the bra and leggings. I put them through several hours of high-intensity cardio, kickboxing, and weight lifting.

GNGR Bees Ocean set review
GNGR Bees Ocean Bra & Leggings

The bra holds well even through a series of jumps and feels light and soft. It is thin (though not transparent) but it has inside pockets for extra padding, in case you want additional support or coverage.

GNGR Bees Ocean Set review

The leggings are soft and stretchy, and they move well with the body. Possibly the best feature, besides being squat-proof, is that the leggings have pockets! As someone who likes to wear her leggings outside for a walk, I know I’ll need these!

I do have to say that the clothes are high compression, meaning that they go tightly against your skin. I personally like that but it might be something to keep in mind when choosing your size. Sizing is always tricky so if you’re not sure, I suggest reaching directly to GNGR Bees. That’s what I did too, and they advised me to go a size up for these leggings in particular. It turned out to be a good idea, so always check if not sure!

And of course, I recommend washing the set at 30°C, avoiding the drying machine, and (if you can) using a microfiber catching bag, like the Plastikini bag.

GNGR Bees Plastikini bag
The Plastikini bag to catch those microfibres!

If you’d like to give GNGR Bees a try (and fund some fantastic projects), you can use the code THINKING THREADS for 10% off! Oh and, no matter what you choose, by using my code you will give an extra 5% directly to the workers (via The Hive project). So check the GNGR Bees shop here!


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