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Ethical Content Marketing for those who are making a change.


Welcome to Thinking Threads

Hello, I'm Tena!

I'm a content writer, consultant, and cultural anthropologist. I work with ethical brands and businesses, helping them redefine the standards of their industry. While most of my clients are slow fashion brands, I also work with ethical tech companies, healthcare, and other industries.


Through my work, as well as my writing, I like challenging the way we think about clothes, style, ethics, and sustainability. Leaning on my background in anthropology, I critically engage in conversations about the past, present, and the future of fashion industry and business.


Why work with me?

Content Marketing often comes across as this fancy, big word that will bring you amazing results in no
time. The marketing gurus will tell you that you need to post as much as you can. Constantly grow.  Play hard, and fake it ‘till you make it if needed.
Well, I don’t do any of that.
As someone genuinely passionate about sustainability and ethics, I also apply these principles to my business. Sure, growth is important, but I know you’re in the game for different reasons. I want to help you build a more just and sustainable market. That often calls for a different approach that is more compassionate and gentle. All while we keep our business goals in check and our focus on the audience!


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Every business needs good content. That means engaging, informative, and well-researched articles adapted to your audience.

I offer exactly this. From personal and opinion-based, to educational and research deep articles, I help you find the right words.

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Need someone to revise your website or marketing text? Good.

Need someone who understands well your exact audience to revise or write your text? Well, now you're at the right place!
I can edit or (re)write any copy, from websites, emails to social media. 

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Content Strategy & Consulting

I will help you develop your blog and/or social media content strategy that works for you and your business.

Using my experience in the industry and years of qualitative research, I will craft the right strategy.

Not ready to fully commit? I also offer individual consultations.

My Services
Fashion quote

Fashion has the capacity to translate between the individual and cultural and express one in the other. Fashion is important as a medium that responds to the social landscape but also constantly challenges the norms that shape it.



Tena is an absolute delight to work with - what started as a month trial session has now blossomed into a longer contract. Not only is she an amazing writer, she's also a great listener. She took her time to truly understand our brand to ensure her writing, and voice was aligned to our brand vision. She shows up with passion, enthusiasm, and a great work ethic everyday, and because of that we truly call her an LYV-ON team member!

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