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My Favourite Slow Fashion Resources

Whether you're just starting to learn about fashion or you're a fashion professional (or anything in-between), there's something here for you!

From books and documentaries to podcasts and websites: here are some of my favourite resources that I like coming back to.

I am always looking to learn more and challenge my knowledge, so this list will grow as I read, listen and watch more. If you have any resources you'd like to share, drop me a message on Instagram or here.

Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline

This is a classic for a reason. The book questions the price of cheap clothes, exposing the industry's worst practices. If you're just starting to learn about sustainability  & ethics in fashion, this is a great place to start!

Safia Minney is the founder of People Tree, one of the pioneers of fairtrade fashion. In her book, she talks about modern slavery in industry and invites businesses to seriously address this. Ok for beginners :)

This is one of the first popular books talking about the high cost of our clothes. Since, Lucy Siegle has published several more books on the topic. Still, this one is worth a read. Beginner friendly.

Seriously one of my favourite books! It's a socio-political analysis, so expect a discussion about class, gender and economy.

I'm in love with this book. It's a beautifully written exploration into art, film, and literature, and a discussion about the meaning of the clothes we wear.

Earth Logic by Kate Fletcher & Mathilda Tham

It's a radical action research plan. Going against the idea that sustainability can be achieved within economic growth logic, this plan dares to envision fashion differently.


True Cost (2015)

A true classic! It's the first movie I recommend to anyone just starting to learn about fashion. But even if you've been in this for a while, it's a must-watch. The movie speaks well about the environmental and human cost of our clothes.

This movie shows the impact fashion has on the water systems around the world. It discusses both environmental and human harm. Beginner-friendly.

The Machinists (2010)

The movie focuses on the personal stories of three young women working in the garment factories in Bangladesh. It's a powerful one!

Bitter Seeds (2011)

The reality of the cotton farmers in India. This can be a difficult movie to watch but it's a strong reminder that the fashion supply chain starts with farmers.

Organisations & Websites

Always a relevant resource of great articles, campaigns, petitions, and everyday actions. They created an incredible global community and network of activists, educators, designers, and citizens, worth following.

They rate brands based on how good (or not) they are for the people and the planet. By now, they rated thousands of brands and it's a great first place to check out if you're wondering about a particular brand.

A great place for classes, courses, and readers on fashion. I keep coming back to The Slow Factory over and over again.

A community of millennial and Gen Z women who pledge to wear our values and put an end to fast fashion. It's a nonprofit behind campaigns such as #PayUp.  Great resource of articles, stories, films, and more.

Founded in 1989, Clean Clothes Campaign is a global network dedicated to improving working conditions in the garment industry. Here you will find everything you need to know about the worker's rights, including the relevant campaigns, grass-roots organisations, and news.

It's no news: fashion has a race problem. If you want to understand and engage in a conversation around this, there's no better place than this Database. You will find everything from academic articles, documentaries, to lectures and exhibitions.


Kestrel is one of the best podcast hosts I've ever listened to. She covers everything from activism to style and trends, together with some amazing guests. I especially recommend listening to The Root: a mini-series about decolonising the sustainable fashion agenda.

Deep conversations about fashion, that go beyond the buzzwords. Ruth and Alice invited some of the biggest names in sustainable fashion, to discuss and guide through topics like greenwashing, upcycling, influencers, and second-hand shopping. It's a first podcast I recommend for anyone just starting to learn about fashion.

Clare Press, former VOGUE sustainability editor, interviews fashion experts around the world about some of the biggest topics in the industry. This is the place where difficult questions are asked.

Amanda dives deep into conversations about fashion and each episode is packed with information, resources, and facts. She and her guests will teach you how to make better decisions when it comes to fashion. This is one of those podcasts where I make sure to have a notepad and a pen nearby while listening.

A six-part podcast series that is a part of a wider campaign, promoting solidarity economy in fashion. They celebrate the labour and skill needed to make our clothes and each episode is pack with insights and inspiration. I'll admit, I was kinda sad when I finished all the episodes, because I wanted more of this kind of content!

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