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Trust me, I get it. Finding the right brand, which you like and is ethical, is tricky. To say the least! In the sea of brands (and greenwashing), it's easy to get lost. Besides, who actually has the time to ask all the right questions?

Well, I do. Or, at least, it's a part of what I do anyway.

Because of this, I want to showcase some brands that I can recommend to anyone looking for new sustainable clothing, jewellery, but also skincare and decor.  The brands below are those I either worked with (and thus know very well) or have talked to directly (and asked a lot of questions). This is why the list is small but growing.

All the brands ship internationally (unless indicated otherwise), and in case I have a discount code or an affiliate link, I will mark that clearly.

One last thing before you continue: shopping from small and ethical brands is important. Yet, it is just one way we can contribute to a change. Remember that you are more than just a consumer, and you can advocate for the change you want in different ways. Like using and loving what you already have. But in case you are looking for something new, I'm hoping that this directory will give you some better options.



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Home & Decor


Skincare & Make Up

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